Why To Try A Bollywood Style Photo Shoot

Photographers getting influenced from one or the other Bollywood movie is a growing trend and they create amazing photo shoots. There is no doubt in the fact that every second person in India is enticed by a Bollywood styled photo shoot, especially in the wedding season.

Indian people have a great inclination towards Bollywood films.  Real life couples take inspiration from reel life couples and try to emulate them during the pre-wedding photo shoot. Such photo shoots increase the personal emotion of a person to a brand new and an enthralling level. Only the Best Pre Wedding Photographer should be hired for a Bollywood style photo shoot.

Here is why a Bollywood style photo shoot should be experimented:


A Bollywood oriented photo shoot gives the couple plenty of options. They can imitate their favourite movie stars based on various themes as per their liking. Such photo shoots are considered to be very innovative and focus is laid on minute details as well. There are various themes a couple can stick to.

These are;

  1. Rain Theme:  There are many Bollywood poses to choose from for a rain based theme. In addition to this, props such as umbrellas and raincoats can be used as well.
  • Festival Theme:  It is a great way for couples who wish to relive festivals. There are many Indian festivals to choose from such as Diwali, Holi or Eid. Props in the form of colour bombs can be used for Holi. A popular Bollywood scene depicting some festival can be imitated.
  • Bollywood Movie Poster Theme:  The couple can get dressed as their favourite celebrities and get clicked just like the poster of the movie.

This kind of a photo shoot shows the true wedding spirit. Couples who are young at heart should cherish such joyous moments. Couples can get their dreams come true just like their favourite B-Town actors and actresses.


Just like how Bollywood movies narrate stories, a pre-wedding photo shoot can help in illustrating the love story of the couple with a subtle Bollywood touch.

A series of photographs in the form of a Bollywood story could prove to be quite effective in telling about the romance of the couple. This can be quite challenging a task but could be quite fascinating to the eyes of the viewer.


Different angles can be brought into use just as they do in Bollywood movies. These angles can establish various moods. Camera positions similar to what have been used in Bollywood movies provide a realistic touch.

The energy of various camera angles can make the photo shot look just like a fairy tale. This would lead to a more professional photo shoot and will give it the necessary edge.


Movies use colour grading which can be used in pre wedding photo shoots. The tones and colours used in the movies could be brought into application for the photo shoot.

It raises the overall mood and adds to the creativity. The extra editing can make the shoot look quite a cinematic one. The color and composition can add to the extra fun and make the photo shoot stand out, worth remembering for the couple.

Thus, Bollywood style photo shoots for pre weddings are something beyond the conventional photo shoot. It seems like a very challenging shoot initially, but it is definitely worth it. Such style of photo shoots are enough to depict the cute little love story of the couple. Pre Wedding Photographer Gurgaon should be contacted for such a photo shoot.