maternity shoot

Yes! It’s the right time to get clicked and save the pictures of your pregnancy with a glamour packed maternity photoshoot.

Do you know what the best part is?

You can easily do your pregnancy photoshoot in the comfort of your home. It’s indeed the right time to capture those beautiful moments and take the advantage of the radiant glow!

Pregnancy is a beautiful time of your phase where on one hand your body doesn’t seem to be in your control but is actually doing a brilliant job of nurturing your little one. 

Maternity photoshoot is a brilliant way to honour and celebrate the spirit of pregnancy with adoring photographs that you and your family will cherish forever.

 It may seem hectic or impossible to take out time for the photoshoot. But, in case you missed this, you may regret this for life. After all, you’re not going to stay pregnant forever!  

When is the best time for a glamour maternity photography?

The main aim of maternity photoshoot is to showcase your endearing body and cute baby bump. The best time to go for the pregnancy photoshoot Gurgaon is in your third trimester. This is the time when your baby bump becomes picture perfect.

Let your pregnancy glow showcase in all your photographs. Here are some enchanting maternity shoot at home ideas to make your photoshoot memorable.

1. Outdoors

Maternity photoshoot Gurgaon set in outdoors such as parks, green areas etc will result in mesmerizing pictures. Natural light accentuates the pictures by infusing bright hues and bringing out stunning details. Additionally, the picturesque background eliminates the need to add any external element to complete the picture.

2. Indoors

It’s pretty easy to shoot indoors. Be it an indoor setting or the coziness of your home, these do create a picture-perfect ambience for the photoshoot. You can play between different rooms of your abode such as bedroom, living room or a newly created nursery. 

3. Silhouette Photography

Silhouette photography is one of the amazing maternity photoshoot ideas without having too much to show. It helps to create one of those magical moments that are worth cherishing for a lifetime.

It may make you feel a bit uncomfortable while shooting but the outcome is fantastic.

4. With elder sibling

Make the elder sibling a part of your maternity photoshoot. It’s the time when your first child will feel connected and bonded with the new baby. Your second child also marks the celebration of your elder one turning into a brother or sister.

Involving your first child will not only make them cherish these moments but will also make them anticipate their new role in a better and responsible way.

5. With your pet

Make your maternity photoshoot more inclusive by making your pet participate with you. The outcome would be real awe-inspiring love-filled photos that would be purely of your family’s. Yes, it will consume some time and need certain skills to make your pet strike a pose. Make your pet practice a few shots before taking the final one. 

6. With a Prop

Add more dimension and meaning to your photoshoot by using some interesting props such as baby shoes, toys, baby books, clothes in pink and blue etc. Don’t overdo it as using more props may take the limelight away from your baby bump. Better restrict the props to two.

7. Simple and casual

If you don’t want to go for a lavish thing, it’s better to keep it a simple and casual affair. You may opt for simple dressing, no specific backgrounds and no other formal elements to highlight the stuff. 

It would be just you and baby. That’s what truly matters!

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