6 quirkiest and craziest wedding photoshoots

Special occasions surely call for a special kind of wedding photoshoot, and few occasions are more special like your wedding day.

You want your photographer to capture anything and everything as perfectly as possible in order to preserve your perfect and beautiful day further making it memorable and story-driven.

It is a big responsibility, and as you can see, some people do take that responsibility very seriously indeed.

But often we are short of ideas while even thinking of wedding photography. Hence, we have compiled a list of 6 quirkiest and craziest wedding photoshoot idea in order to make your photos unique and impressive:

  1. Ski wedding photoshoots

A white wedding gown against the background of a real snow-capped mountain while skiing gives a particularly white shade and makes everything crazier and more interesting.

The couple who loves adventure or adventurous sport will definitely love the idea of ski wedding photography.

With the pinch of vast ice capped mountains and sky in your photos, you will surely get a great and heavenly beautiful view in your photos. Ski wedding photoshoots are a new idea to boost your wedding photography.

Link – https://www.brides.com/gallery/winter-wedding-photos-snow

  1. Glacier wedding photoshoots

This fascinating photography can be done on glaciers in Iceland. You can take crazy photos of you right among the glaciers and beautiful frozen dark waves.

Not every couple has the guts for such a photoshoot in a wedding outfit among the frozen dark waves and glaciers.

This is quite new, quirky and full of nature ideas. This will help you achieve some really beautiful photos in addition to beautiful glaciers.

Link – https://www.fifthphotography.com/glacier-wedding-elopement-photographer

  1. Live volcano wedding photoshoots

You can even take the risk and click your extraordinary photos on the live volcano like Kilauea volcano.

Confidence and professionalism are the most important elements for this photoshoot as the burning 2-thousand-degree Celsius lava can be very dangerous.

Check the seismic conditions of the lava before opting for the live volcano photography and try to make it different. You must take drinking water to avoid overheating while shooting.

This can be a new view to your photoshoots and will make it look more amazing.

Link – https://www.today.com/style/wedding-photo-shoot-takes-place-live-volcano-sparks-fly-t102380

  1. Burning wedding dress

This trick of photography was eventually prepared in advance by two women who had certain experience with fire. 

In this, you can try wearing fire-resistant leggings to avoid any burn to your body. The shoot can be done in mountains like Iowa. You can hire a photographer who can help you with crazy wedding photography ideas by creating the burning wedding dress – a masterpiece.

This is quite unique and turns out to be among the most rare photography ideas.

Link –https://www.deccanchronicle.com/lifestyle/viral-and-trending/190517/woman-lets-photographer-set-her-wedding-dress-on-fire-for-perfect-photo.html

  1. Mountain wedding photoshoots

You can have fantastic photos on beautiful mountains, you can show the beauty surrounding you. It is the most impressive way of capturing wedding photos.

While clicking photos on mountains, you can capture different kinds of rocks giving your photos a vintage look, with that you can also have the beautiful view of sky and clouds and keeping it romantic, such a photoshoot will blow everyone’s mind.

Link – https://www.kylelovestori.com/colorado-mountain-wedding-photographers

  1. Safari wedding photoshoot

The idea of having a safari wedding photoshoot can be accomplished in Safari parks. It seems to be quite dangerous and unusual but fun on the same view.

Not every photographer has the ability to catch the impressive moments depicting all the aspects of safari, further making it the most crazy yet impressive kind of wedding photoshoot.

Link – https://clanegessel.com/safari-wedding-photography/

Bring magic to your wedding photoshoot

Go for above given quirkiest and craziest wedding photoshoot ideas and stand out unique and impressive.

(P.S. At your own risk;)

These photoshoot’s idea will surely give you an adventurous, vintage and new look to have on your wedding album.

No matter where and when, above given photoshoot ideas are themed and unique ones to apply to your photoshoot and make it memorable enough.

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